Apology gone awry: Italian tourist faces stern penalties

In a surprising turn of events, a tourist who etched their and their partner’s names onto the historic Colosseum in Rome has issued an apology to the city authorities. However, their claim of not knowing the Colosseum’s ancient significance has sparked further controversy.

The unidentified tourist, captured on video inscribing “Ivan+Hayley 23” onto the Colosseum walls with a key, sent a letter expressing remorse to the Rome administration. However, eyebrows were raised when the letter suggested that the tourist was unaware of the Colosseum’s ancient heritage.

The act, which occurred last month, led to the swift identification of the culprit, identified as Ivan Dimitrov, a 27-year-old of Bulgarian descent residing in the UK. An investigation has been initiated into Dimitrov’s actions, as they are deemed to have caused damage to the cultural landmark.

If found guilty, Dimitrov could face penalties of up to five years in prison and a fine of €15,000. Meanwhile, no charges have been filed against Hayley Bracey, Dimitrov’s partner, who was also implicated in the incident.

TThe tourist’s attempt to apologize and mend the situation through the letter in the letter addressed to the city authorities and the prosecution, Dimitrov professed his ignorance about the historical value of the engraved walls.

The tourist’s letter of apology has garnered attention in both national and international news outlets, with many characterizing it as “absurd” and injecting unintentional humor into the situation.

The Italian press, interpreting the letter as a strategic attempt to sway the judges and escape severe punishment, is closely monitoring the legal proceedings. The incident sparked outrage among the public, prompting calls from Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri for strict penalties against the offender.

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