Angie Khoury kidnapped by Satanists, explains pregnancy claims

Angie Khoury attended as a guest with presenter Rabia Al Zayyat in her TV show Fawq el 18 show (Above 18) in which she claimed being kidnapped in Turkey by Satanists.

Angie Khoury in her latest virtual appearance with Lebanese Rabia Al Zayyat said that she “had never spoken” to Adham Al Nabulsi nor that she knows him.

In the latest video, Khoury claimed to have been kidnapped by a Satanic group, who forced her to share those allegations under pressure. She also added that the group gave her some drugs which made her lose her mind.

Angie Khoury was seen wearing hijab and announced her repentance saying she will never go back to being a social media personality adding that she spent more than a month getting treatment in the hospital.

Angie Khoury, who months ago claimed to be pregnant from Jordanian retired singer Adham Al Nabulsi, denied her pregnancy and reportedly said she was forced to say that.

The social media personality spoke to Al Zayyat explaining that she was forced by the group to tell these rumors about Adham Al Nabulsi and how he married her and then broke up with her when she was pregnant.

Angie KhouryMonths ago, Angie Khoury posted photos on Instagram showing the star with a baby bump and a picture of a sonogram. The social media personality accused Al Nabulsiby of being the father.

In response, Adham Al Nabulsi posted an official statement denying the rumors claimed by Angie Khoury. He said: “The moment you stand before the lord on judgement day is the happiest moment for any person who left to please the lord.”

Angie Khoury“At the same time, it is a hard and tough moment for everyone who was away from god, and shared many things that did not please the lord and used to hurt people.”

He added: “Usually I don’t respond to rumors, the same rumors we should be ignoring, but this time would be the first and last time I respond to these rumors that are wrong.”

Angie Khoury

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