Amesterdam’s Lyon Mall rally honors Gaza’s fallen Children in Christmas’ night

 In an ongoing global response to Israel’s assaults on Gaza, activists in Lyon, France, took their stand against Israeli aggression within the confines of a shopping mall. 

The demonstration featured a unique approach as activists distributed brochures advocating a boycott of brands supporting Israel and released leaflets from the mall’s upper floor, each bearing the names of small children who lost their lives in the attacks.

The scattered brochures carried poignant details, highlighting the ages of the children, ranging from 1 to 11, coupled with a powerful plea: “stop the genocide.”

The grim toll of Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip, which commenced on October 7, reveals a staggering loss of life, with 20,674 Palestinian civilians, primarily children and women, having succumbed to the violence.

This event serves as a stark reminder of the international community’s growing solidarity against the atrocities in Gaza, fostering calls for justice and a cessation of violence. #GazaProtest #HumanRights #BoycottIsrael

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