American troops in Iraq, Syria attacked over 100 times since Oct. 17: Pentagon

American troops in Iraq and Syria have now been targeted over 100 times since Oct. 17, a US defense official said on Monday.

“Between Oct. 17-Dec. 18, US and Coalition Forces have been attacked at least 101 times to date,” the official said.

There have been 46 attacks in Iraq and another 55 in Syria involving one-way attack drones, rockets, mortars, and close-range ballistic missiles.

The last reported attacks took place on Dec. 16 when two separate incidents involving one-way attack drones were launched at Mission Support Site Euphrates in Syria. A third attack targeted the same US base but with multiple rockets, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Before that, multiple one-way attack drones were fired at US troops at Iraq’s Al-Asad Airbase on Dec. 14.

Another three attacks on American forces in Syria were recorded on Dec. 13. One-way attack drones targeted the Patrol Base Shaddadi as well as the Al-Tanf Garrison in Syria. The third attack involved a multi-rocket attack at Mission Support Site Euphrates.

The official said the attacks did not result in any casualties or damage to infrastructure.

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