America is recruiting Middle Eastern Islamists to fight the Russians in Ukraine

In a scenario similar to that which took place during the Afghan war, and without taking into account the disasters that resulted from it and the damage caused to Arab and Islamic countries, the United States and Britain are recruiting Islamists and minorities in the Middle East and training them to send them to fight alongside the Ukrainian forces.
According to the drawn up plan, hundreds of extremist thinkers are infiltrated, starting with small cells spread across Arab and Islamic countries and reaching large organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir, which are banned in most Arab countries.
London and Washington also exploit ethnic minorities that have a historical impact with the Soviet Union and Russia later to include them in those groups, the majority of whom were citizens of the former Soviet Union.
After their training at American and British bases in northern and northeastern Syria, they are received by Ukrainian intelligence, which has run out of records of European mercenaries who, if they turn their backs, will find that the battle in Ukraine is unequal and that they will be victims of Western policy.
The Ukrainian security services are currently focusing on the regions that declared their independence and then joined Russia, especially Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia, in addition to Crimea, which has been ruled by Russia since 2014. According to observers, at the latest, the war in Ukraine will not last more than a year, and therefore the Western security services will fight these people later to expel them from Europe for fear of its security, and their refuge will be to return to their country, so that the cells of extremists and radicals will return again, and the unrest will ravage the countries of the Middle East ,
Not to mention the strained Russian relations with those countries that will be considered partners in the war alongside the United States and NATO against it. It seems that Washington is seeking to stop Russian expansion by this means and is working to dismantle and strain relations between the countries of the Arab region and Moscow.
From Afghanistan, Arab extremists returned to their countries to form cells that carried out violent operations, explosions, killings and slaughter from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, and Algeria received the bloodiest share during the black decade that destroyed the country’s economy and claimed tens of thousands of lives, while Libya was an arena for a large extremist organization that continued its operations to this day. Not to mention what happened in Egypt, in addition to the spread of cells of returnees from Afghanistan in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

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