Aliens found in Peru turned out to be dolls made from bones

Last year, Peruvian customs agents caused a stir when they captured a group of mysterious figures believed to be aliens. 

However, scientists have now confirmed that these figures were just dolls. Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada presented the findings at a press conference for the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, debunking all previous claims about these controversial artifacts.

Estrada revealed that the alien-looking creatures were dolls made from a combination of animal and human bones assembled with modern synthetic glue.

He emphasized that these dolls have no extraterrestrial or intraterrestrial origins and are not a new species or hybrids, contrary to what a group of scientists has been promoting for the past six years.


The origin of this controversy can be traced back to September of last year when a Mexican journalist and self-claimed “UFOlogist” named Jamie Maussan presented unidentified objects allegedly recovered near Peru’s ancient Nazca Lines. Maussan claimed these objects were over 700 years old and brought a team of doctors to confirm that they were once-living organisms.

However, on Friday, Estrada unequivocally rejected Maussan’s claims. Maussan has a history of making otherworldly claims, including one in 2017 similar to this incident.


The experts who conducted the analysis displayed a couple of 2-foot-long dolls dressed in vibrant colors during the press conference. X-ray examinations revealed that the dolls were constructed using bones from birds, dogs, and other animals, meaning they couldn’t be aliens.

This revelation put an end to the excitement surrounding the “alien” dolls captured by Peruvian customs agents. It shows that extraordinary claims require both extraordinary evidence and for said evidence to go through experts who are knowledgeable about the subject.

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