Al-Rawabi School for Girls season 2 coming this Friday?

Rumors are flooding social media with claims that Al Rawabi School of Girls season 2 will be aired on Friday.

A Twitter page released a statement saying: “It’s official, Al Rawabi School of Girls season 2, is coming next Friday.”

Al Rawabi SchoolHowever, The cast and crew of the Jordanian production did not confirm the news and have not released an air date just yet.

The first season of Al Rawabi School for Girls was released on Aug 12, 2021.

In May of this year, the series’ director, Time Al Shomali revealed that season 2 of Al Rawabi School for Girls finished filming, and shared that it will soon air on Netflix, but she did not reveal a certain date. And neither did Netflix.

Al-Shomali shared a video on her Instagram sharing the news and shared glimpses of behind the scene footage

She wrote in the caption: “And It’s a wrap on filming SEASON TWO of #AlRawabiSchoolForGirls Stay tuned it’s on the way.”

In the video, the director explained that filming took 60 days to be finished, and it took 6 months to prepare for the series, and more than a year to write the script.

Shomali expressed that the second season has new exciting events, she said: “Anything you expect to happen…will not happen.” She said.

Al Rawabi School For Girls is about three girls who are constantly bullied at their school and they plan a great comeback against all their bullies.

But when they reach their goal and take revenge, one of them realizes that the world is not as black and white as it seemed to her before.

The truth is much more complex and now she questions whether her revenge action was really justified.

At the beginning of the show, viewers emphasize Mariam, the protagonist of the series, the intensity and the extreme events, and the suspense that follow made viewers realize that revenge is not always the answer, as it can lead to bigger and unnecessary incidents.

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