After Converting to Christianity, Mohammad Al-Momen Shocks Followers in Another Video.. Watch

Kuwaiti presenter Mohammad Al-Momen has shocked followers and the media community when he announced converting his religion from Islam to Christianity few days ago.

In the video, Mohammad declared his religious conversion while wearing the cross.

He said: ‘I became a Christian, I came to know who God is and I understood life. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are the children of Jesus, the son of Mary.’

After the huge fuss caused by Mohammad, yesterday he posted another video asking people to stop talking about him; he looked angry and irritated.

The Kuwaiti presenter expressed his shock at the sensation his conversion caused saying: ‘One word and its all over the news. Enough, you tired me out.’

And Mohammad Al-Momen, who was praised by many of his classmates and close friends with his sophistication and good manners, continued: “Enough … I command you to step aside’.

Followers noticed that Mohammad Al-Momen appeared in an abnormal state, as he was rubbing his head as if he was suffering from something.

They added he looked pale, unlike before, wondering about the circumstances he had gone through that made him look like this.

Among comments were: ‘May God guide him and help him. He is a well-experienced and educated man, but unfortunately I don’t know what has happened to him to turn this way’, ‘his face has become black’, ‘His behavior is not normal.’

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