Africa’s week in pictures

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week:

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A make-up artist applies product to a man's eyelid.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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Preparations get under way at South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg on Friday…
A composite of three images. The first is a woman wearing a hat and top, the second is a man wearing a shirt that has a face painted on it, the third is a woman in a yellow dress.IMAGE SOURCE,EPA
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Models wore creations by Fuata Moyo, Refuse Clothing, Rubicon and more.
A man on a horse. Both are adorned in bright colours.IMAGE SOURCE,AFP
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On the same day this horseman poses for the camera before the centuries-old Durbar Festival in Ilori, Nigeria.
A woman dressed in white carries a matching white, lace parasol.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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The next day in Senegal’s capital Dakar, worshippers gather for Eid prayers marking the end of Ramadan.
Two youths wear mirroring face paint in turquoise and yellow.IMAGE SOURCE,EPA
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On the same day in Ivory Coast, revellers take part in the Popo Carnival…
A man painted black crouches on the ground, with a black shield and another stick prop.IMAGE SOURCE,EPA
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This man is among the celebrants in Bonoua town…
A woman from a troupe from Trinidad and Tobago smiles and dances in a bright orange outfit.IMAGE SOURCE,EPA
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The annual festival honours the heritage of the Aboure people and attracts people from all over – including this woman from Trinidad and Tobago.
A man poses with artisanal goods in a kiosk in Yaounde, Cameroon.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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On Friday, Cameroonian sociologist Muhammed Pagna explains how masks made from soil were used as passports for travel and hunting access in pre-colonial times.
A Sudanese man waits at a bus stop in downtown Cairo to return to his family with food.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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Thousands are fleeing fighting caused by a rift between two top generals in Sudan. Many people have gone northwards to Egypt, where this Sudanese man is seen at a bus station on Tuesday.
Students disembark from a Kenya Air Force plane carrying 39 students evacuated from Southern Sudan, after it landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on 24 April 24.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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Some others have exited southwards, via South Sudan, like these Kenyan students. But many more foreign nationals are still stuck inside the country and feel bitterly let down by their governments.
A young couple poses for a portrait on a motorbike in the desert.IMAGE SOURCE,AFP
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On Friday, a couple pose for a portrait in Agadez, northern Niger.
Muslims perform Eid al-Fitr prayers in Abu Sir village on 21 April.IMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES
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In Egypt on the same day, the desert is a fitting backdrop for a shared moment of spiritual contemplation.
Competitors take part in stage 3 of the 37th edition of the Marathon des Sables between Jebel El Otfal and Oued Tijekht in the Moroccan Sahara desert.IMAGE SOURCE,AFP
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And on Tuesday, marathon runners pass a memento mori in Morocco’s Saharan expanse.

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