Adım Farah features an Egyptian song

 Due to the success and excitement of the first episode, fans now can’t wait for the second episode to air of the Turkish series Adım Farah.

A video circulated on media sites shows a clip from the first episode of Demet Özdemir’s  Adım Farah, and in the video, an Egyptian song is played in the background.

The scene appears in minute 11 of the first episode, and the star of the show, Özdemir who plays the role of Farah is cleaning and sterilizing the place.

During the scene, the song “La Tebea – Alaa Salam” is played by one of the workers.

La Tebea – Alaa Salam was very popular in the 1990s  and it was first released in 1992 from the album “Ehkm.”

Fans of the Arab world were impressed by the directors for choosing this song and wondered how they managed to choose it.

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