A Turkish show attacks Hande Erçel

 Turkish actress Hande Erçel got exposed on air as she was attacked on air where she was described as a not authentic woman.

Actress Hande Erçel was attacked on the famous Turkish show, “Second Page,” where the hosts talked about the star and her relationship with Hakan Sabancı.

The presenter of the celebrity news program criticized the Turkish artist for having multiple relationships and said: “In the past two years, what did Hande Erçel do? or what did she present?”

She added: “What did she add to her artistic career except getting in and out of romantic relationships, if she dates a ‘Sabancı’ that won’t make her an authentic woman.”

The TV host referred to Sabancı as they are a very famous and rich Turkish family.

Erçel became the talk of Turkish media recently as she started dating famous businessman, Hakan Sabancı, and many called the actress a gold digger claiming she is dating Sabancı for his money and net worth which is estimated to be around 3 million Turkish Liras.

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