Zendaya Says She Missed Acting During Lockdown

The ‘Euphoria’ star admits she missed acting so much whilst in quarantine that she decided to put on a wig to pass the time.

She said: “Being in lockdown, I was definitely itching to do what I love because I hadn’t been able to do it for so long. I had already geared up and was in the headspace of a Season 2 [of ‘Euphoria’] and that wasn’t happening. I literally, while I was in quarantine, I would do this thing to keep me motivated. I live with my assistant, who’s also like a brother to me. I told him, ‘I’ll do some physical activity – I think it’s good for me.’ I have a whole bunch of wigs, from many years of being on red carpets, and I would put on a different wig and be a different character every day, and put on this performance for him for like an hour every day.”

And the 24-year-old actress insists her Disney past is “part of her heritage” and she is incredibly “grateful” for her career.
Asked if she still sees herself as a Disney kid, she added to Variety’s Actors on Actors series: “The thing is, I am. And to a degree, I am grateful for that. That’s where I started, and I learned so much from that experience. It’s just kind of been this slow progression, and I am happy that it’s all been to prove it to myself and not to anybody else, you know? I embrace it a little bit. It’s part of my heritage to a degree.”

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