Zeina Kanjo’s Murderer Husband on the Loose in Turkey and Brazenly Posts on Instagram! (Video)

He killed his wife and now he’s posting on Instagram and talking to the media about it.

MTV Lebanon has interviewed Ibrahim Ghazal, murderer of his wife Lebanese model Zeina Kanjo, as he strangled her to death last week and ran away to Turkey.

In the interview, Ibrahim said that Zeina is a very kind woman and he loves her so much and he’s never thought of killing her.

Later, Ibrahim revealed the details of the incident. He said that they were having a normal evening at their home in Beirut, then they had a disagreement about something and Zeina started screaming, so he put his hands on her mouth to shut her up, adding that he always does that with Zeina when they argue, and he’s even done it in front of her sister Ruba.

Ghazal continued: ‘I put my hands on her mouth but Zeina went to another world. I got so scared so I carried her and laid her on the bed in an attempt to succor her, but her heart wasn’t beating and her body was cold.’

Ibrahim confirmed that he had not planned in advance to kill her, and the best evidence was that there were no bruises or signs of abuse on her body, as confirmed by the forensic doctor.

Ibrahim Ghazal revealed that he will most likely return to Lebanon next Monday after completing some pending work in Turkey.

He also called everyone to stop gossiping and making up stories, adding that no one intentionally kills his wife whom he loves.

Ibrahim said that he has been living in Turkey since Saturday without food and water, and he does not speak to anyone except for his lawyer.

Ibrahim Ghazal concluded his interview by saying: “I cannot apologize to her family, but they know very well that I loved her so much and still do until today and I didn’t intend to kill her at all.”

After his interview with MTV Lebanon, Ibrahim went to Instagram and posted a quote about people.

‘I am not schizophrenic as they think, I am just not what they think and wish and want me to be. The winds do not flow as ships desire, nor are mountains raised as volcanoes wish.’

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