Zalipie: One of the Most Photogenic Places You Can Find in Poland


Zalipie – small, fairy tale village where polish folk traditions are still alive and flowers are painted everywhere

Do you want to go to a fairytale-like place? The village of Zalipie is a unique place on the tourist map of Poland. It is a living open-air museum of unusual traditions and cottages painted in flowers. It is known in Poland as “the painted village”.

A small village in southeast Poland is heralded for its unusual tradition. Every house, well, church, and barn is covered in lovely, decorative painted flowers. The secluded town of Zalipie feels a world away, as the small farming village bursts with color.

Just how did the tradition start? 

One story relates that it began due to poor ventilation for stoves. As they would leak soot onto the ceiling, women began to paint flowers over the marks in order to tidy up—and brighten up—their homes.

The tradition has continued to endure, and each spring villagers host the Painted Cottage competition or Malowana Chata. Today more than 20 such houses can be seen in Zalipie.

Zalipie is well enough off the tourist trail that it is still not a highly trafficked destination. The residents are generally open to having guests and will sometimes invite visitors into their homes to see their artwork.

If you’re so lucky you’ll find not only the interior walls but the ceilings and ceiling beams are also adorned with painted wreaths and garlands, flowers brighten the stoves, fireplaces, doorframes, tablecloths, pots and pans, vases, and most everyday household items with any sort of surface area.

This small village is picture-book perfect Cherry blossom so keep your eye open!

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