Zain Karazon Reveals She Has a Serious Health Problem (Video)

Zain Karazon Reveals She Has a Serious Health Problem (Video)

Jordanian influencer Zain Karazon said that she was subjected to a serious health problem in her back, which would require her to stay in bed for a whole week without any slight movement, after she suffered a muscle strain that almost broke her spine.


Zain explained in a video she posted on Snapchat, saying: “Good evening sweet people … I have just come from the doctor … I am prohibited from moving, sitting and working for a week.”

Karazan continued: “I will tell the story, while I was at the farm. I was trying to pull the sheets, so I leaned over but my back got struck.”

She added: “Suddenly, I felt that the upper part of my spine was on the right … Anyone would see it will say I have a broken back … I screamed a lot of the pain.”

The Jordanian beauty went on saying: “I went to the doctor and he injected me with needles and painkillers, but oh my God the pain! He said that I have to sleep on my left side or on my back for a week and I don’t have to move.”

She concluded: “I am now in quarantine at home, I’m forbidden from driving, sitting and standing, all of this because of a sheet. Thank God it came only to this. I wanted to reassure you and inform you about the reason of my absence on social media. You are my family and I thank you.”

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