Zain Karazon Heavily Protected by Bodyguards During a Visit to Jordan’s Mecca Mall

A video surfaced around social media where fans rudely invaded Zain Karazon‘s privacy at Mecca Mall in Amman, Jordan.

In the video shared to social media, guards can be seen trying their best to push Karazon away from the crowd, while they are tightly protecting her from the hands of fans.

Zain was accompanied by her sister Haya Karazon in Mecca mall, while fans gathered around them trying to take pictures and autograph, and from the videos, it seems clear that the guards where having a hard time pushing the packed crowd away from the social media star.

Some believed that Zain and her team have paid people to cause the fuss as she stepped inside the mall, as one social media user wrote: ”I won’t be surprised if the crowd was paid in order to create all this drama and buzz, they could have been given 5 JDS or a Shawerma meal, also, don’t forget of lack of dignity of these people”

Another added: “Zain Karazon spends most of her days in Mecca Mall, and she knows that no one cares if she is there or not. It is 100 percent clear that she has paid people to act like they care about her.”

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