Youssra and Other Stars Dance at a Wedding on the Same Day They Attended the Artist’s Funeral (Video)

Youssra is turing off comments on Instagram.

The Egyptian actress has been subjected to harsh criticism after Samir Ghanem’s death.

Youssra and many other Egyptian stars have attended Samir Ghanem’s funeral last Friday, after he passed away on Thursday evening at the age of 84.

Later at Friday night, Egyptian actresses changed their black clothes into colorful gowns and traveled to Gouna to attend a VIP wedding.

Among the guests were Youssra, Yasmine Sabri and her husband businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, Nelly Karim, Laila Elwi, Leblebah, Elham Shaheen, belly dancer Jawhara, Lojain Omran, Naglaa Badr and Ghada Adel.

Youssra was heavily criticized after videos of her at the wedding went viral on social media, as she was seen dancing and singing next to Amr Diab, just hours after she was at the funeral, to the point that she truned off Instagram comments to stop the attack.

Youssra elham shahine laila elwei samir ghanem

One commentator wrote: “How did people get there?! How come Youssra was weeping over her friend in the morning and his wife is on deathbed, and she dances and sings like that in the evening?”

Another follower wrote: “How can you blame Youssra? Neither mourning Samir nor feeling happy for him was real. Those people are emotionless. It’s all acting and lying.”

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