Your Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Chances Of Losing Weight

Your Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Chances Of Losing Weight

Because it’s basically a supercomputer that can fit in the size of your pocket, there’s no denying that a smartphone can be very useful in our daily lives. It’s also made life incredibly easier and has brought so many conveniences in our life. However, too much of a good thing can be bad. And in the case of people who want to lose weight, using our phones too much can sometimes backfire and do more harm than good.

Here’s how your phone may be stopping you from losing weight:

You walk slower

For most of us, our phone is our usual jog buddy. As it turns out, walking while using your phone can slow down your pace, which can impact the amount of calories you burn. So the next time you do, just put on some music and focus on the running/jogging.

It disrupts your sleep cycle

One of the most important pillars of losing weight is to get proper sleep and rest after a taxing workout. Unfortunately, smartphones have made this harder for most people since the majority of us take it to bed and use it for at least a couple hours before sleeping. In addition, too much blue light can also force our bodies to produce more stress  hormones.

Distracts your from your workout

You might not realize it but the constant checking on the phone and keeping a tab on everything can also limit the time of work you can do at a gym. This can be considered as phone addiction and can be very detrimental, especially if you are following a strict routine.

Phones make you more stressed

This is because phones can give you numbers that measure everything, stressing you more than things should.

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