You Won’t Believe What Kadim Al-Sahir’s Instagram Admin Did! See the Video

You Won't Believe What Kadim Al-Sahir's Instagram Admin Did! See the Video


Watch out who’s handling your Instagram account, because they might do what Kadim Al-Sahir’s Instagram admin did!

3.5 million followers of Iraqi artist Kadim Al-Sahir were shocked when a female follower revealed a conversation between her and Kadim.

However, it turned out that it wasn’t the Iraqi star who was chatting on Instagram, but it was the admin handling the page.

It was revealed that the admin was using the star’s account to get to know female followers and text them, shamefully introducing himself as Kadim Al-Sahir.

At first, the lady was ecstatic when Al-Sahir texted her, but then she was suspicious when she asked him why did he choose her, and his response came as “Kadim doesn’t choose but rebels.”

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