You Don’t Have to Be Sherlock Holmes to Have Carved Human Skull by Artist Rachel Lee

Fancy redecorating your home with some real human skulls? An artist in the US is using her fine talent to turn real human skulls into a piece of art.

Rachel Lee created Skull Carver, selling the arts over the internet. She cuts drawings on skulls of animal and human skeletons and charges between US$ 3,000 and US$7,000 per piece.

The 12-time Bible reader stands by the controversial nature of her ethically sourced intricate carvings because one day death will take us all.

But she guarantees that all raw materials for her works are obtained ethically.

Rachel has been the target of several criticisms for the work she does, but she justifies it by saying she doesn’t do anything illegal.

She believes her work is a way to send a message for people to live life to the fullest and face death more naturally, as part of the cycle.

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