Yemen announces new government formation: State TV

A new government has been formed in Yemen, according to a state television report, following recent developments of the country adopting the Riyadh Agreement setting up a power-sharing structure between the Southern Transitional Council and the Yemeni government.

Yemeni diplomat Ahmad Awad bin Mubarak has been named Yemen’s new foreign minister. Mubarak has previously served as Yemen’s ambassador to the United States.

Lieutenant General Mohammed Ali al-Maqdashi has been appointed as Yemen’s new defense minister under the new government formation. Al-Maqdashi was previously the chief of staff of the Yemeni Armed Forces.

Saudi Arabia introduced the Riyadh Agreement in November 2019 to try to end the dispute in the country’s south that emerged in 2017 between Yemen’s UN-recognized government and the separatists Southern Transitional Council (STC)

An Arab Coalition source said earlier last week that the new Yemeni government would be formed as soon as the military transfers under the Riyadh Agreement were completed.

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