Yasmine Sabri’s Extravagant Engagement Gifts From Ahmed Abo Hashima!

Yasmine Sabri's Extravagant Engagement Gifts From Ahmed Abo Hashima!

It seems that talking about  the engagement of Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abo Hashima to actress Yasmine Sabri, will continue to be the talk of the town over the coming period.

It seems that the diamond ring Yasmine wore at the engagement ceremony, amounting to $200,000,is not the only thing that Abo Hashima gave to Sabri, as Twitter account @Gorgeous_ew reported that he gifted her a contact lenses factory to be at her disposal and a ready-to-wear garment factory to support her fashion projects, which she has been working on for months.

As for the engagement day, Ahmed gave his new fiancee a full fleet of 24 luxury cars, as he did with his former wife, Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, when he married her.

Foochia.com contacted Abo Hashima to confirm the news, and he confirmed that what is being circulated is true but with some exaggeration.

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