Women, Art and Peace Building Provides a Unique Combination Under UN Governance

Women, Art and Peace Building Provides a Unique Combination Under UN Governance

The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) has launched the Women ART Peace Programme, a project under the wing of UN75 Global Governance Forum, that seeks to boost representation of women in peacebuilding within both grassroots and policy levels. 

Bringing together individuals hailing from NGOs, research centres and stakeholders in government from Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen, the programme seeks to utilise a range of ideas and networks to further an inclusive UN and accomplish sustainable development, human rights, peace and a stable climate.

“The importance of Women ART Peace programme lies mainly in the fact that it addresses the two, very often marginalised: local and women,” CHS Director Sultan Barakat said.

“The key factor to Sustainable peacebuilding is Women Education and proactive engagement,” Founder and Director of Farkhunda Trust Rahela Sidiqi said.

Partners for the programme involve TRT World’s Pinar Kandemir, Aneesa Walji from UN Women and Antelak AlMutawakkel from the Youth Leadership Development Foundation.

The launch comes as the UN75 global governance forum held a virtual meeting to explore ways in which to achieve sustainable development goals.

During the session, Women ART Peace project presented their ideas and progress towards fulfilling sustainable development.

Among those who attended the virtual sessions were former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

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