Woman Swears at Man After Asking for Her Naked Photo

Woman Swears at Man After Asking for Her Naked Photo

An Arab woman appeared in the Fujairah Court of Appeal on charges of swearing at a man after a heated argument on a social media platform.

The Court records show that the case started when the plaintiff lodged a complaint against the woman at the Fujairah Police accusing her of insulting him and using abusive language on WhatsApp.

The woman was referred to the Fujairah Public Prosecution which charged her with sending abusive messages to the complainant, and requested her punishment as per Article 20 of the UAE Cybercrime Law No 5 of 2012.

The Fujairah Misdemeanour Court found the woman guilty and ordered her to serve three months in jail, but later ordered the suspension of the jail term.

A deportation ruling was ordered against the defendant who was also ordered to pay the court charges and lawyer fees.

Being dissatisfied, the woman approached the higher court where she admitted to insulting the man but claimed she did so due to his “indecent behaviour and sexual harassment” on social media.

“He refused to deliver the cosmetics I had ordered, unless I sent him a video of me naked,” she told the court.

“I could not hold my temper and swore at him in a message on Whatsapp,” she admitted, requesting the court to have mercy on her and quash the verdict of the lower court.

“I am the victim. He (plaintiff) harassed me and wanted to see me naked,” she added. “He lodged this complaint against me for fear that I would approach the police before him and complain against his indecent behaviour.”

The court ordered adjournment of the case to next week to issue its ruling.

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