Woman Sues Hubby For Accessing Her Instagram Account!

A woman in Abu Dhabi filed a lawsuit accusing her husband of accessing her Instagram and Microsoft accounts without permission and changing their passwords.

According to Al Bayan, the Court of First Instance charged the husband and fined him for the offence, but he appealed the decision.

The husband’s lawyer claimed that technical evidence was not available and denied all charges on behalf of his client.

The defence said the wife was basing her accusation on the fact that her husband obtained a replacement for the number she uses, which is registered under his name and linked to her account. It argued that this does not constitute evidence of committing the crime and does not indicate the husband accessed the wife’s accounts without permission.

The court said that, as per documents, the husband had no criminal intent, and noted a lack of technical evidence proving that he had deliberately hindered his wife’s access to her Instagram and Microsoft accounts.

The court indicated that determining the legality of establishing an account on a telephone number that does not belong to the owner of the account, and the authority of the owner of the number to cancel that account, are matters that the accusation must prove or deny based on technical evidence.

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