Woman Smuggling Cocaine in a Watermelon Disguised as a Baby Bump Arrested

A woman who smuggled cocaine in a watermelon which she disguised as a baby bump has been arrested in Brazil.

Pretending to be pregnant, the woman boarded a bus bound for Rio de Janeiro but she was searched after police were tipped off about a drugs case.

In a twist that surprised even the military police, her belly turned out to be a watermelon which in turn was filled with four brick-sized portions of cocaine.

Described as a cocaine ‘paste’, the drugs weighed more than four pounds and were seized by Sao Paulo authorities on Monday.

According to police, the woman confessed that she had received the drugs in Paraguay and was planning on taking them to Rio.

Arrested in Guara, she was taken to a police station after the police motorcycle squad brought her in on Monday.

According to local media she was set to be paid 500 Brazilian reals, about $100, for transporting the drugs to the Brazilian megacity.

Sao Paulo’s military police described the failed smuggling operation as ‘creativity without limit’.

They also posted pictures of the watermelon disguise on social media, along with images of the four cocaine ‘bricks’.

Long seen as a market for cocaine from elsewhere in South America, Brazil has also become one of the main suppliers to Europe in recent years.

Brazilian syndicates are thought to have infiltrated ports and sent the narcotics on container ships bound for Europe, where the market is worth more than $10billion.

Gangs have also been known to use Paraguay as a way station to transport cocaine into Brazil from elsewhere in South America.

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