Woman in Saudi Arabia helps police arrest ‘widows’ scammer’

Saudi Arabia’s security forces arrested a citizen for scamming widows and divorcees via social media platforms, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday.

The Riyadh police detained the man, who became known as the “widows’ scammer,” with the help of a woman who cooperated with security forces to lure him and catch him red-handed, the ministry said in a video posted on Snapchat.

The man reportedly posted ads on social media platforms claiming he can help widows and divorcees finalize paperwork which they need to submit to associations and institutions that offer them financial help.

He would then provide them with forged documents on condition that they give him a share of the money they get.

In the video posted by the ministry, a woman who is in a police car can be seen talking on the phone with the suspect, telling him she is a widow and that she has the documents he had asked for in order to help her.

The police arrested him after he shared his location with her, the ministry said, adding that it has taken the necessary legal measures against him and transferred him to the public prosecution.

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