Will there ever be accountability for murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

We are not born courageous. We choose to be courageous – or some of us do. Jamal Khashoggi was one of them.

An unassuming, polite, kind man, he chose to be courageous. In 2017, he chose to leave Saudi Arabia in order to speak out. He chose self-imposed exile over status, income, security and silence. And out of his exile, he chose to write about dignity – the dignity of his people, of his country, of his region.

He chose justice over personal interest. And for that, he paid the highest price.

Lured into the Saudi Arabia consulate, armed only with his pen, his kindness, his politeness, he was confronted by Saudi thugs, security officials who then strangled him, dismembered him and disposed of his body.

Will there ever be accountability for Khashoggi? To respond to this question, we must grapple with another one: What does justice for the murder of Mr Khashoggi look like?


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