Will The UAE be Able to Receive Tourists This Summer?

Will The UAE be Able to Receive Tourists This Summer?

Helal Al Marri, the director general of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, on Tuesday said the emirate could reopen for tourists from early July.

While speaking to Bloomberg TV, Al Marri said the reopening is likely to be gradual and could be delayed until September, depending on the situation and global trends surrounding Covid-19.

“The thing about the scenario is a global question. Many countries remain closed and it’s more about the bilateral discussion,” Al Marri told Bloomberg TV.

Currently, in-bound air traffic is not allowed by the UAE authorities in order to rein in the spread of coronavirus in the country. The UAE and other foreign airlines are only repatriating stranded people out of the UAE to their respective countries.

Tourism is one of the largest contributors to the emirate’s economy. Dubai received 16.7 million tourists last year, contributing more than Dh150 billion to the local economy.

Dubai has not been issuing tourist and visitors visas since mid-March in order to contain the virus.

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