Will the Arabs stop Turkish-Iranian influence in Syria?

Turkey and Iran went to the depth of the Syrian lands competing for influence and control and the stealing of each state penetrated separately, hoping that it would gain the largest share of land, goodness and social influence, and this is all at the expense of the Syrian people and the future and history of this ancient country that suffers from a deep wound due to the continuous recent A decade ago. It is clear that the two countries took full advantage of this Arab hibernation and the Arabs did not take any position in support of Syria. On the contrary, certain countries put pressure on the Arab League to freeze the membership of this founding country for this historical system, which lost it a source of strength that was desperately needed in spite of its weakness and insignificance.

Iranian penetration


Since the Iranian intervention at the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Tehran has focused, alongside bringing in mercenaries from abroad and their armies in striking militias, to try to form a popular incubator, and focused on a secret and sophisticated process based on creating a popular incubator in the southern regions and turning it into a new “south Lebanon”, after having They controlled the homes of those fleeing the war furnace in Eastern Ghouta, north and south of Damascus.


During the past months, Iranian forces intensified their work in establishing charitable societies that took advantage of poverty and the need of the people and provided them in kind and material assistance, organized their children in striking militias and paid remunerative salaries for the Syrian citizen who is suffering from a rare crisis.

The Iranian penetration did not stop there, as it went to present an offer to the Syrian youth in Daraa, As-Suwayda and Quneitra to bring an exemption for them from compulsory service in the regime’s army or in exchange for work in Shiite militias in the aforementioned areas, or calculating work in these groups from the period of military service and provided they have weapons, money, and food aid.

And in Daraa, as in Eastern Ghouta, the funeral processes are most intense, especially among the youth, through temptations, recruitment and security protection, and then smuggling them to Lebanon to work with Hezbollah.



Turkish influence

In the Syrian north, Turkey entered with all its equipment and equipment with American support, coordination and conspiracy deep into the Syrian territories, attempting to establish a safe area, threatening to divide Syria into several states, striking at the width of the international charters and laws that prevent penetration or attacking the sovereignty of a state.


During its operations, it committed many massacres and control the main roads, which deprived the population of safe movement and the practice of trade, and planted in the north of Syria dozens of groups that are considered the most violent, powerful and terrorized to intimidate the Syrians from whom their lands and homes were stolen.

The problem that the Arab countries have attached is that it is divided into two parts:

The first, against Turkish influence in Syria and against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood that represents Erdogan, coinciding with the refusal of the second section of the Iranian presence calling for the export of the revolution and planting points of Iranian influence to besiege and influence Arab countries. In exchange for this rejection of the Iranian-Turkish presence, there is no real or explicit Arab step to support the Syrian people, except for some shy steps from some Arab countries that have reopened their embassies in Damascus, or closed down, or closed down opposition “coalition” embassies in their capitals.

The steps do not benefit the Syrian, because what is required is serious and logical work in reintegrating Syria into the Arab, regional and Islamic system as a first step, Such as returning to seat in the Arab League, which is a founding country for her, and setting up economic and plans for rebuilding, through setting up a fund for donations or setting up an international conference for all the friends and brothers of the Syrian people, and pushing humanitarian organizations and relief organizations and encouraging them to work in Syria, especially the affected areas and the areas domination of Turkey and Iran to compensate for the offers of the aforementioned countries with the aim of achieving the reconstruction of this country whose people had great credit for the majority of the Arab countries.

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