Will Ramez Galal’s Prank Show be Cancelled?

Will Ramez Galal's Prank Show be Cancelled?

He has been hosting prank shows in Ramadan since 2011, each year with a different theme, taking things to a new level of extreme every year.

This year, Ramez is facing a huge backlash on his new prank, and while some people find it funny, a lot of people were appalled from it.

In this year’s theme, he invites his guests to sit on a chair, and he mocks, tortures, and bullies them. While some people think the entire thing is scripted and that the guests know everything, others found his prank immensely inhumane.

Doctors from the mental health hospital in Abbasiyah warned, in a statement issued the hospital’s board of directors, of the dangers of violence and torture that the program includes on the mental health of the viewers, and called on Egyptian officials to stop airing the show.

The statement said the show’s scenes of “violence, torture and bullying” could be a mental health trigger for viewers already suffering from a “state of anxiety, fear, and tension” due to the coronavirus global outbreak.

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This is not by any means the only official step taken towards the show, but a lot of others have taken steps to shut it down, including the renowned Lawyer and President of Zamalek Club Mortada Mansour, who filled a lawsuit with the Public Prosecution office’s on Monday against Ramez.

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