Will Ramez Galal Host Mohamed Saad for the First Time in His Prank Show This Year?!

Statements of Egyptian comedian Mohamed Saad known as “Ellembi”, have sparked a state of interaction among the audience regarding his participation in the new version of Ramez Galal’s prank show shown next Ramadan.

Saad said that he will not be able to say anything about his participation in the prank show, because it is out of professionalism not to reveal whether he is participating in or not.

He added to Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, that he had not participated in Ramez Galal’s prank shows before, but he is very optimistic this year, and asked his fans to wait for him in Ramadan.

Ahmed Saad commented that he was in Saudi Arabia – where the show is being filmed – to perform Umrah rituals, and that he spent beautiful days there, and refused to add more details.

Many social media users speculated that Ahmed Saad’s statements confirm his participation in the Ramez Galal prank show for Ramadan 2021.

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