Will Italian Sandokan Make Can Yaman A Turkish Billionaire?!

Who cares about ‘Mr. Wrong‘.. Because ‘Sandokan‘ will make up for it!

Turkish actor Can Yaman, who became famous for his TV series Erkenci Kuş (The Early Bird), has recently signed a lucrative deal to star in the new show Sandokan in Italy, where he has a large fan base.

Hundreds of fans welcomed Yaman, who visited Rome and Greece last year, at the airport, prompting the police to form a security corridor around the actor against the stampede.

According to journalist Bekir Saçar from Posta.com.tr; Yaman has signed a deal with one of the leading production companies in Italy after suspending Mr. Wrong, and will play the leading role; ‘Sandokan‘.

The series which is named after Can’s character ‘Sandokan‘ is supposed to be 10 episodes, and the fee that Yaman will receive per episode is worth a fortune.

The 31-year-old actor will receive 100 thousand euros (approximately to 925,000 TL) per episode in the ‘Sandokan‘ series, meaning that Can Yaman will make 9,250,000 TL (1,234,362 US dollars) in total.

Filming Sandokan will begin in October 2021, and the star of the series has started a tight preparation camp to be in perfect shape for the role.

Sandokan is a fictional pirate from the late 19th century, created by the Italian writer Emilio Salgari. Sandokan is the protagonist of 11 adventure novels first published in 1883. He is known as the “Malaysian Tiger” in the South China Sea.

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