Will Gabrielle Union Use her Platform for Good?

Gabrielle Union says it would “be a crime” if she didn’t use her platform “for good”.

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star and her husband Dwyane Wade have teamed up with Amazon Smile Charity Lists – which helps to donate to more than 1,000 charities around the world – to support two organisations that are close to their hearts, homeless women’s shelter Deborah’s Place, and the Women’s Centre for Advancement.

And Gabrielle has said she chose to collaborate with Amazon for the initiative because both she and Dwyane have “seen the other side” of life before they were famous, so want to do what they can to help others in similar positions.

She said: “It would be a crime for me to not use my platform for good. Dwyane and I have seen the other side of things and know how difficult it can be, and so it couldn’t be more crucial for us to do what we can to provide support.

“I am a sexual assault survivor and Dwyane has experienced hunger in his life, and we think it’s important to share that with our kids so they can understand the value of helping people. There are so many out there who aren’t as fortunate, but we aren’t so far removed from it. We want them to know the value of using our blessings to help those in need, because you never know when we might be in need ourselves.”

Gabrielle – who has two-year-old Kaavia with Dwyane, and is step-mother to his children, Zaire, 18, Zaya, 13, and Xavier, seven – also believes it’s important to show her brood the importance of helping others.

She added: “You have to walk the walk, especially now because people will be quick to pull up the receipt. People love flexing on social media, but a flex isn’t enough, which is something we tell our kids all the time. You have to take that ‘flex’ and put it into action.”

Amazon Smile Charity Lists help to assist charitable organisations during the festive season through purchases made through the online retailer.

Every purchase made on Amazon sees 0.5 percent go to your favourite charity at no extra cost to you, and Gabrielle has said that at a time where money is tight, there’s no better way to be charitable.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: “I wanted to find a way to give back safely during this pandemic and this program allows people to donate to their favourite charities without even leaving their homes. This way, people can do their regular holiday shopping, and do something good while they’re at it. This is a time when all charitable organisations need extra support, and Amazon has created a method for people to give that without compromising their safety.”

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