Will Balqess’s Ex Husband Sultan Bin Abdullatif Marry Transexual Haifa Majic? Check Out the Latter’s Video

Earlier this week, Yemeni singer Balqees Fathi has revealed that she filed for divorce against her husband, Saudi business man Sultan Bin Abdullatif.

Once news broke, an old interview of transexual makeup artist and singer Haifa Majic resurfaced, where she was talking about Balqees’s ex.

The interview dates back to 2017, and Haifa Majic was hosted by Tammam Bleick.

At the time, Haifa was asked by Tammam if she likes someone, and she answered yes, she likes Balqess’s Saudi then-fiancé Sultan Bin Abdullatif.

Few days after Balqess has revealed the separation, Haifa Majic appeared on Snapchat sporting a green dress just like Saudi Arabia’s flag color.

In the video, Haifa teased her followers, and maybe was trying to grab Sultan’s attention, and said: ‘I’m wearing green today as a dedication to my fans and beloved ones in Saudi Arabia.’

Last Sunday, Balqees Fathi told Trending show that she filed for divorce against her husband Sultan.

She said:

“Everyday, I am being asked the same question. I have filed for divorce a while ago in Emirati courts. We are all confident in the fair judiciary, and I do not have more details on the matter. Between us is the most beautiful gift in the world, his name is Turki. I cannot go into more details on the subject, and may God make it easy.”

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