Wife to Get $8000 From Husband After He Assaulted, Insulted Her

An Abu Dhabi court has ordered a man to pay Dh30,000 to his wife as compensation for the moral, physical and material damage he inflicted on her by assaulting and insulting her.

According to court documents, the woman complained to authorities that her husband always beat her up at home. She said the man hit and kicked her, causing bruises in the face and other body parts.

The woman said the man also insulted her in front of other people in their home in a manner that undermined her honour.

She said the insults hurt her feelings and also damaged her reputation among her family and friends.

The Court of First Instance convicted the man of assaulting and insulting his wife.

The Arab woman then filed a lawsuit against him demanding Dh400,000 for the physical, moral and material damages.

The man denied assaulting and insulting his wife and asked court to dismiss the case, stressing that the allegation was baseless.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance had earlier ordered the husband to pay Dh20,000 to his wife as compensation.

She challenged the ruling and the appeal court increased the compensation to Dh30,000, in addition to the legal expenses.

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