Why The Hurry? Demet Özdemir Confirms Wedding Preparations

Turkish star Demet Ozdemir, began wedding preparations shortly after announcing her engagement to Turkish singer, Ozhan Koç.

It seems clear that Demet is in a hurry to marry the love of her life Ozhan, as she is fully ready for the commitment as she said yes only a few months into the relationship.

And news sources confirmed that Demet started preparing for her wedding because she did not have much time left, as sources confirmed that the two stars are serious about their next step in their relationship and do not want to postpone at all, as they want to get married as soon as possible.

The soon to be newly weds recently rented a house in Istanbul and hired an architect to renovate and decorate the house for after they get married.

According to some sources, the cost of renovating the house will be approximately 20 thousand dollars, and the rent of the house will cost 40 thousand Turkish liras, or approximately “2700 dollars”, and they also started buying home furniture.

The singer proposed to the actress on Valentine’s Day on February 14, after rumors had indicated that the duo had separated due to some differences between them, without revealing the details and reasons for these differences.

For his part, Ozhan took advantage of the occasion of Valentine’s Day to restore his relationship with the artist Demet while taking her to a new chapter.

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