Why Should Irbid be Chosen as The City of Arab Culture?

Finally Irbid in Jordan is the Arab Capital of Culture for 2022. This has come after a long wait judging from the social media.

The ceremony of its launching is scheduled for June 11, under the patronage of King Abdullah at Yarmouk University, Minister of Culture Haifa Najjar announced Saturday according to the Petra News Agency.

During a tour to the northern region, as part of a series of inspection visits meant to prepare for the event, Najjar highlighted the great importance the government attached to  the event to showcase Irbid’s cultural, artistic, intellectual, poetic and theatrical potentials Petra added.

The culture minister also emphasised the need to engage the civil community in the event, urging young people to take part in the celebrations.

The choice of choosing Irbid as the Arab capital appears to have been made by UNESCO in 2020. One wrote “in all honesty, Irbid deserves to be the capital of culture in the Arab world, as it brings together rich history, modernity.”

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