Why is Russia Restricting Google News?

Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor has restricted access to Google News, alleging it is conveying “false” news about Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

Roskomnadzor said in a statement that, “based on a request from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, Roskomnadzor has restricted access to the internet news service News.Google in the country.”

In a statement to Euronews Next, Google confirmed the action restricting access to Google News. Google said some people in Russia were having difficulty accessing the Google News app and website and that it was not due to any tech issues on Google’s end.

Russia put a new law into place in early March cracking down on media, barring media from describing Moscow’s Ukraine invasion as a “war” or “invasion.”

Reporters in Russia face up to 10 years in prison for giving out false information — and 15 years if the offense has “grave consequences.”

That law makes it a criminal offense to “discredit” the Russian military.

Meta has also been a target in Russia. Russia’s Investigative Committee said March 11 that it had opened a criminal case against Meta related to Facebook and Instagram posts.

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