Why Did Olivia Culpo Get a Toilet Roll for Christmas?

Olivia Culpo was once given a toilet roll for Christmas.

The 28-year-old model has recalled how she was once given the bizarre and unusual gift.
Speaking to Page Six Style, she revealed the worst present she has ever received was a toilet roll.She added: “This year … I probably would have added it to my gift list!”It comes after Olivia revealed she opened up about her own mental health struggles to help others.

Speaking about why she decided to speak out, she said: “I think if we all did that it would actually make a huge difference for people in general. You can turn your really bad experiences that we all go through into something that can genuinely help other people. I knew I was making myself vulnerable and I didn’t really know what the outcome would be, but I don’t regret it at all, and the feedback I got was overwhelming to me and I’m glad that I can help people.”

In her original post, Olivia confessed she kept up appearances on social media, despite feeling “depressed” and “drinking way too much, smoking” and not being able to sleep.

She wrote on Instagram: “I was depressed. I had no appetite, was drinking way too much, smoking, couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t eat. But I was still taking photos on social media and pretending everything was great. I was going through a difficult situation that left me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt and it had taken its toll physically.

“The feeling of despair is a relatable one, so I feel a responsibility to anyone else going through something difficult to say that it’s ok to not be ok … I have my appetite back and am treating my body correctly. We’re all too familiar with the ‘highlight REEL’ of Instagram so I wanted to get REAL and tell you it’s not always as amazing as it seems. (sic)”

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