Who Knew It Was Him! The Masked Singer ‘Inta Min’ Judges Shocked at the Hawk Identity Reveal

He’s Lebanese, he’s a presenter and he’s handsome too. Did you guess who?

Well the four judges of The Masked Singer ‘Inta Min’ have failed to know who was behind The Hawk’s costume, as it was Lebanese presenter Neshan Der Haroutiounian.

The Falcon was one of the most confusing characters in the show so far as neither the jury nor viewers were able to identify him, and both were shocked because no one expected Neshan to be behind that costume, or even mentioned his name during the investigation.

Neshan emphasized that the falcon has a great significance in the Arab world, considering that it is  has pride and a wit for survival, as well as being a symbol of strength.

As for the common denominators between him and the falcon, Neshan said that he pounces on his prey “the guest” during interviews, adding that he stares at them which helps to derive the answers for the viewer  at the right moment.

Der Haroutiounian considered his participation in The Masked Singer as a wonderful experience because no one sees the participant before removing the mask in front of the audience, which encourages him to act freely.

Neshan concluded his interview by thanking MBC and those in charge of the program, calling on the stars to agree in case they were contacted to participate in the second season of Inta Min.

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