Where to Find the Best Art Galleries in Dubai

Come for the expo and stay for the art. If you’re an art buff in the UAE for Expo 2020 Dubai, here’s where to find the best art galleries in Dubai.

XVA Gallery

For one of the best art galleries in Dubai consider heading to XVA Gallery located near the Dubai Creek on the northern corner of the city.

XVA Gallery was founded in 2003 and is advertised as a pioneer for contemporary Middle Eastern art in the city. There’s also a beautiful outdoor cafe at the gallery that’s perfect for relaxing at after walking through the gallery.

Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde

The Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde is another of the best art galleries in Dubai, although you wouldn’t guess it from the outside.

The entrance to the art gallery is minimalist and lacks any major signs to draw you in (which is probably an intentional artistic choice of its own) but the interior is far from barren.

Artistic works line the walls and there are sectioned off corners and areas entirely dedicated to a specific theme or artist.

Pro Art Gallery

For one of the best art galleries in Dubai that’s away from the busier parts of the city, head to Pro Art Gallery on the outskirts of Dubai near Dubai Outlet Mall.

The interior is dimly lit except for spotlights pointed at the various artworks inside, giving a very intimate setting that helps you appreciate the works on display.

Mente Art Gallery

Up next is the Mente Art Gallery north of Al Khail Mall in Dubai. It’s a very modern and sharply designed gallery home to equally modern and sharp pieces of art.

And while the gallery itself is rather small in size, the artworks on display are no less impressive.

Opera Gallery Dubai

The Opera Gallery Dubai, another one of the best art galleries in Dubai located on the northern end of the city, goes all out with their displays.

For certain exhibitions they’ll completely redesign the gallery or sections of it to compliment the artwork on display.

MB&F M.A.D.Gallery Dubai

The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery near the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai is an international gallery with a venue in Dubai.

It’s advertised as being “a captivating universe of kinetic art where Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices reign supreme.”

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