What’s The Secret Behind The Latest Colombia Shipwrecks?

Colombia’s navy, using new high-tech equipment, was finally able to descend 600 meters to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea to prove that the Spanish San Jose galleon was in good condition but also discovered some surprises. 

President Ivan Duque announced Tuesday that two more shipwrecks have been found near the area where the San Jose galleon was sunk in the country’s waters.

“We have already found two additional vessels: one vessel from the colonial period and another that, from the point of view of preliminary analysis, corresponds to the Republican period of our history,” Duque said in a press briefing.

The San Jose galleon was sunk by the British off Colombia’s Caribbean port of Cartagena in June 1708 while transporting gold, silver, emeralds and jewels. With the vessel, 400 military personnel and around 160 civilians also sank. The shipwreck occurred during the Battle of Baru by the flagship of the British fleet, the Expedition.

At the time of its discovery in 2015, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos described it as “one of the greatest finds of submerged heritage, if not the greatest, some say, in the history of mankind.”

According to Duque, the country had purchased the necessary equipment to reach the required depth and obtain the best images and at the same time protect “the integrity of the treasure” and preserve it until the extraction can be carried out.

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