What’s The Relation Between Smartphones and Pain?

What's The Relation Between Smartphones and Pain?

Painful and tense neck muscles have become a more common complaint these days.

According to health experts, in addition to unhealthy seating positions at the workplace, the constant use of smartphones can be a major reason for these pains. Therefore, whether at work or using their smartphones, people should regularly check their positions, the German News Agency (dpa) reported.

As a general rule, the “For a healthier back” campaign – a German association that works on enhancing and publishing back pain-related research- advises people to look down when using their phones but without lowering their heads.

It also recommends special exercises to empower the back region and avoid neck pain, which is often caused by tense and stiff muscles around the neck vertebrae and the upper back.

The campaign says the best and healthiest solution is to provide a back-friendly workplace featuring a practical chair for instance, or a desk with adjustable height, so the individual can work in a standing position from time to time.

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