What’s Her Tale? Japanese Rapunzel Speaks Out?

A self-described ‘Japanese Rapunzel’ whose floor-length hair has not been cut for 15 years says she sees it as a ‘weapon’ of self-expression. 

Rin Kambe’s black hair measures 6ft 3in and has not been trimmed since she was 20 years old, when she turned to Buddhism and started pursuing her dreams as an artist.

The Tokyo-based model and dancer said maintaining her long locks can be challenging, explaining that she uses scalp cream made from saffron and monitors her iron intake to help her hair grow.

But she says that her ‘natural beautiful super-long hair’ is a ‘weapon of dance expression’, adding that ‘my hair is straight, black, and I like the fact that my hair can express the beauty of Asia’.

There are people in the world who appreciate it, and there are also people who think it is the monster of hair,’ she said.

“I think there are many opinions. However, I believe that natural hair leads to maximum self-expression, and I am very happy if people feel amazing when they see my Rapunzel dance show.”

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