Wet Clothes Freeze in Minutes as Temp Drops to -59C in Siberian Town

Wet Clothes Freeze in Minutes as Temp Drops to -59C in Siberian Town

Temperatures dropped to -59C this week in the world’s coldest region – where wet clothes freeze solid within moments – but residents of the Siberian town say it’s mild by their standards.  

A series of amazing pictures have emerged of Siberians having fun in recent days despite temperatures in the Russian wilderness dropping below minus 50C.

Schoolteacher Galina Davydova in Yakutia – the world’s most perishing permanently inhabited region – shows how her washing freezes in seconds to turn into impressive ice sculptures.

Her noodle lunch suddenly becomes indigestible in the Russian sun.

In the same region local guide German Arbugaev explodes the myth that vodka doesn’t freeze.

In temperatures of below minus 40C he makes firewater lollipops from Russia’s national drink for tourists in this furnace of cold.

He was this week escorting a pioneering Cold Conquerors expedition for people wanting to experience Siberia’s lowest temperatures.

Locals have complained this year that the winter is mild and a report that the world’s coldest village Oymyakon had hit below minus 70C was exposed this week as fake news by Russian state meteorologists.

Some blame global warming but today Verkhoyansk – which makes its own claim as the coldest settlement on the planet – hit minus 59C.

Winters here usually plunge into the minus 60s.

No matter how cold it gets Siberian ice swimmers enjoy their winter dip, claiming it is essential for good health.

And the cold is ideal for ‘ice fireworks’ – made by throwing hot water into the cold air.

Primary age children in regional capital Yakutsk were told to stay home because temperatures plummeted to minus 45C.

But secondary students were still expected to attend classes, reported The Siberian Times – which revealed the amazing winter pictures from this permafrost region.

And never mind how cold it gets, the outdoor fish market is always open.

‘It’s so cold here that eyelashes freeze if you’re not careful, and spectacles can become glued to the faces of wearers by the intense frost,’ said the report.

Meanwhile an Italian tourist Lorenzo Barone cycling around Siberia answered a question that intrigues many people about the deep cold, describing and showing in graphic detail what happened when he relieved himself.

As he posted: ‘PEEING AT -41°C It is possible to pee at -41 ° C! You asked me many how I do it, well .. quickly! otherwise it disappears from my hands and runs away! Also yes, I confirm that as in the photo part of the pee freezes in the air .. satisfied for the answer?

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