We Lost Count of Their Fights … But Assala and Ahlam Reconcile AGAIN!

We Lost Count of Their Fights ... But Assala and Ahlam Reconcile AGAIN!

Thank you Fahad for triggering the issue, because we love to see them close friends.

Following a year of fighting and publicly arguing, Syrian and Emarati songstresses Assala Nasri and Ahlam Al-Shamsi have been blocking each other on social media.

But yesterday, son of Ahlam, Fahad Al-Shamsi, posted a tweet that triggered the on-and-off friends to reconcile again.

Fahad wrote: “I want to understand something now, all of you are surprised because I love Assala? Well, my mother listens to Assala more than me.”

Immediately, Assala proved what she’s known for, taking first steps, and responded to Fahad’s tweet.

She said: “My Fahidi,You can’t imagine how happy your kind words and precious love have made me. This elevation indicates your kindness and your high morals. I wish to see you soon and sing for you my beloved. And I heard that you compose, so yallah mami prepare something and let me hear it.”

Subsequently, Ahlam also proved what she’s known for, her pure and forgiving heart, and responded to her son’s tweet.

She wrote: “Don’t you love her more than me. But confess that you loved her through me.”

Assala took advantage of the situation and directed her words to Ahlam, which ended the dispute.

Nasri told Al-Shamsi: “Because of your love for me, you applied the saying ‘some times love kills’. We share common friends whose words should be applied.”

She continued: “And now it’s the time for you to admit which songs you loved in my album. I guess you’ve listened to it. Other than that I miss you whom you drive my family crazy.”

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