‘We Don’t Have To See This S**t’! Amir Teima Blasts La Casa De Papel’s Gay Kissing Scene

'We Don't Have To See This S**t'! Amir Teima Blasts La Casa De Papel's Gay Kissing Scene

Egyptian poet Amir Teima criticized one of the scenes in season four of the popular Spanish series La Casa De Papel, which showed two gay men kissing.

Amir shared a tweet with his 445.1K followers blasting the scene by saying: “The kissing scene between Berlin and Palermo – both are men; for those who haven’t seen the series – in season four of La Casa De Papel, is nasty and disgusting and me hate the whole series despite its good quality.”

Teima went on saying: “For the advocates who say that this exists in reality, I will tell them that this s**t does exist in reality, but we do not have to see it on the screen in detail.”


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