Watch the Moment Burak Deniz Hit a Motorcycle in DUI Crash!

Watch the Moment Burak Deniz Hit a Motorcycle in DUI Crash!

Forx5 TV channel posted a video of the moment when Turkish actor Burak Deniz hit a motorcycle on the Arnavutköy coastal road.

According to security cameras on the street, the motorcycle suddenly popped up in front of Burak in the middle of the traffic.

Traffic police immediately moved to the site of the accident, to discover that the Turkish actor was driving his car under the influence of alcohol by 1.77, which made him lose control.

Turkish media also indicated that the motorcycle driver suffers from a slight pain in his shoulder, but he refused to go to the hospital, in light of the conditions in Turkey due to Coronavirus outbreak.

In spite of that, Burak Deniz was taken to the police station and detained at the security center for hours, in addition to revoking his driver’s license for six months for DUI.

Upon his release, Burak Deniz confirmed that he is in good health and everything is fine, denying rumors that he had fled from the scene of the accident, and stressing that he offered to take the motorcycle driver to the hospital, but the latter refused, so Burak gave him a phone number to call in case of emergency.

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