Watch the Hilarious First Trailer for Peacock’s Killer Comedy Hitmen

Watch the Hilarious First Trailer for Peacock's Killer Comedy Hitmen

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are together again!

The beloved comedic duo, known for their work hosting The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show as it’s known to some),  has reunited for an all-new Peacock show, Hitmen. The comedy series, which premieres Aug. 6 on NBCU’s streaming service, follows best friends Jamie (Giedroyc) and Fran (Perkins) as they try to make the most of life while also being, you guessed it, hitmen.

In fact, as seen in the exclusive trailer above, Giedroyc’s Jamie still attempts to celebrate her BFF’s birthday all while waiting to take out a target.

“I called round, and everyone said they were busy,” Jamie tells Fran.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t feel much like celebrating anyway,” Fran remarks.

While Jamie urges her BFF to not waste her birthday waiting to “K-I-L-L,” a target with his head covered informs the duo that he can “hear everything.”

Things get even more hilariously awkward when a man in a spider costume (played by comedian Nick Mohammed) arrives ready to celebrate.

“You’ve got someone here from the agency already,” the costumed entertainer notes.

“I’m not from the agency,” the target retorts.

As Fran expresses disbelief that people order a man with a bag over his head, the human spider sounds off in agreement.

“Finally! I agree! He makes like 10 times more than me as well,” the costumed entertainer adds. “I just can’t understand it.”

And that’s just one of many hijinks for Jamie and Fran! The teaser above makes it clear that “being an assassin is bloody hard work.”

Although Jamie and Fran are hitmen, they “just like a nice, clean kill.” Just your everyday friendly hitmen, right?

Hitmen, Peacock OriginalsPeacock

It’s safe to say that these two find themselves in many a misadventure!

“Graves always take so much longer to dig than you expect, don’t they?” Fran states.

Unsurprisingly, this has one target remarking that Jamie and Fran aren’t very good at their jobs.

Get a taste of what’s to come for the dark comedy by watching the exclusive trailer above!

Hitmen premieres on Peacock on Thursday, Aug. 6! Check out more original series coming to Peacock below.

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBC Universal family.)

Peacock is live now! Check out NBCU’s new streaming service here.
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Premiering August 6, 2020

Best friends Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) and Fran (Sue Perkins) are trying to make their way in the world with only each other to rely on. They also just happen to kill people for a living. Fueled by their antics and frivolous bickering, each job inevitably gets derailed, leading them into bizarre misadventures, full of oddball characters and unexpected dilemmas. Hitmen is produced by Tiger Aspect in association with Sky Studios and is distributed by NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

Five Bedrooms

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Brave New World

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Brave New World also stars Demi MooreKylie BunburyHannah John-KamenSen MitsujiJoseph Morgan and Nina Sosanya.

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Psych 2: Lassie Comes Home also stars Maggie LawsonKirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernsen.

The Capture

Premiering July 15, 2020

The Capture is a conspiracy thriller that looks at a troubling world of fake news and the extraordinary capabilities of the intelligence services. When soldier Shaun Emery’s (Callum TurnerWar & PeaceFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man with his young daughter. But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun’s life takes a shocking turn and he must soon fight for his freedom once again. Detective Inspector Rachel Carey (Holliday GraingerStrikePatrick Melrose) is drafted to investigate Shaun’s case, but she quickly learns that the truth can sometimes be a matter of perspective. The Capture also stars Ron Perlman (HellboyHand of God), Famke Janssen (X-MenTaken), Ben Miles (The CrownCoupling), Laura Haddock (Transformers: The Last KnightGuardians of the Galaxy), Lia Williams (The Crown, Kiri), Sophia Brown (CliqueMarcella) and Paul Ritter (ChernobylFriday Night Dinner).


Premiering July 15, 2020

Intelligence is a workplace comedy set in the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters—a kind of weedier, geekier, more bureaucratic version of MI5 and MI6, where they tackle international and domestic Cyber Crime from a desktop. When a pompous maverick NSA agent Jerry Bernstein (David SchwimmerAmerican Crime StoryFriendsBand of Brothers) comes over from the U.S. to join the team, he enlists an inept and tactless computer analyst Joseph (Nick MohammedThe MartianTed LassoChristopher Robin) in a power grab that threatens to disrupt the team’s ability to combat cyber terrorism.

In Deep With Ryan Lochte

Premiering July 15, 2020

At the 2016 Rio Olympics Ryan Lochte (Celebrity Big BrotherDancing with the Stars) was at the center of a scandal that has since overshadowed a decorated swimming career that includes 12 Olympic medals. Now a 35-year-old husband and father of two young children, Lochte is hoping for one more chance to make Team USA and prove he’s not the same man he was four years ago.

Lost Speedways

Premiering July 15, 2020

Created and hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Dale Jr. Download), this series is an exploratory look at great racing cathedrals of the past. Dale Jr. and co-host Matthew Dillner (Dale Jr. Download) tells the stories of speedways that have been forgotten, abandoned, and overtaken by nature. Racing legends join as guests throughout the series.

Curious George

Premiering July 15, 2020

First introduced to the world of children’s literacy over 75 years ago, Curious George® was created by Margret and H.A. Rey in 1941 and remains one of the most beloved children’s classics of all-time. The animated series targets preschool viewers and follows the adventures of everyone’s favorite monkey and his insatiable curiosity to bring delightful antics, gentle humor and heartfelt emotion to each fun-filled episode. With a focus on education, the Emmy® award-winning program incorporates early concepts in math, science, technology and engineering and encourages children to use their imagination and expand their own investigations of the world.

The Curious George voice cast includes Emmy® award winner Frank Welker (Scooby Doo and Guess Who?), Jeff Bennett (The Loud House) and Rino Romano (Spaceballs: The Animated Series).

DreamWorks’ Cleopatra in Space

Premiering July 15, 2020

Cleopatra in Space​ is a comedic adventure focusing on the untold story of Cleopatra’s teenage years. Viewers can follow Cleo (Lilimar HernandezBella and the BulldogsKnight Squad) as she is transported 30,000 years into the future, to an Egyptian-themed planet that is ruled by talking cats and where she discovers she is the prophesied savior of the future world. In order to prepare for her role and mission, Cleo is sent to an elite academy where she has to train to take on the bad guys, figure out how to eventually get herself back home to Egypt, as well as tackling the highs and lows of being a teenager in high school.

DreamWorks’ Where’s Waldo?

Premiering July 15, 2020

Twelve-year-old Waldo (Joshua Rush, The Lion Guard, Andi Mack) and his best friend Wenda (Haley TjuBella and the Bulldogs) are members of the Worldwide Wanderer Society—the international order of curious travelers who circle the globe celebrating cultures and solving problems through observation. Their mentor—Wizard Whitebeard (Thomas LennonThe StateReno 911, The Odd Couple), a seasoned wanderer—sends these inquisitive young adventurers on international travel missions so they can earn their stripes and someday become wizard-level wanderers too. But standing in Waldo and Wenda’s way is their rival Odlulu (Eva Carlton, Little), who can’t help but cause trouble wherever she goes.

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